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Axis Manufacture develops and manufactures a wide range of non-hazardous waterproofing and protective coating products for clients sourcing products under their own brands and labels in the Asia Pacific Region.

As a specialist producer for clients in the construction, civil and trade market segments, Axis Manufacture provides services under private label, OEM and toll manufacture arrangements, delivering high quality performance products in various forms of packaging options for retail, construction trade or industrial bulk needs. With a focus on green friendly and solvent free technologies, Axis Manufacture has developed its reputation as a reliable cost effective supplier for companies and brands with different needs providing services to niche and start up specialty products through to global recognised brands.

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Our respected quality and reliability has found Axis made products utilised in some of the world's highest profile construction and civil projects as well as landing on the shelves of the biggest global retailers.

Services offered to our clients include:

  • OEM

  • Toll manufacture

  • Specialty product development

  • Confidential supply arrangements

  • Packaging and labelling consulting

  • Compliance product and materials testing

  • Freight and delivery management

  • Cost optimisation consulting


Research & Development

As a highly focused innovator in high performance waterproofing and protective coating products, Axis Manufacture has continued to develop and grow our Technical Department to ensure our customers can rely on the quality of the products we deliver. We respect and understand the power of our client’s brands and the responsibility entrusted upon us to deliver products that allow our client’s businesses to grow. Our success is based on our client’s success.

The Axis R&D department is constantly developing products and alternatives for a sustainable building future, and we continue to develop products that are more efficient, better performing and built to meet the challenges of the 21st century across the globe. The R&D program and focus is deeply embedded within the DNA of Axis Manufacture while we develop the next generation of products and systems to enhance the quality of the built environment.



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